Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in learning more about the real estate process? Here are some frequently asked questions ( faq ) listed below. Contact Bowie Realty Inc. for more information.

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• ( Q ) Improving your credit score

( A ) Mortgage lenders take your FICO score into consideration when they decide whether to give you a mortgage loan and what interest rate they offer you. These steps to improve your chances of getting financed. ( see more )

• ( Q ) Learning about loans

( A ) There are many different types of mortgage loans out there, and many terms used by mortgage lenders to describe them. Don’t get bogged down in the rhetoric. Here is a quick guide to help you sort it out. ( Learn more )

• ( Q ) Preparing to sell your home

( A ) There are many factors that come into play when selling your home. Many factors will depend on the real estate market in your area. Following these steps can increase the chances of selling your home quickly. ( Learn more )

• ( Q ) Picking the right loan

( A ) Most mortgages are conventional loans, which means the loans are issued by lending institutions directly to the buyer. There are other loan options out that may make it easier for homebuyers to get financed.

• ( Q ) Do not make these common buyer mistakes

( A ) When it comes to buying a home, many buyers make mistakes that affect their ability to purchase a home. Here is a list of common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them during your next home purchase.

• ( Q ) Mortgage mistakes that can cost you big

( A ) A home mortgage is one of the largest financial commitments that you will make in your lifetime. Most people do not take the time to learn about mortgages. A little time could save you thousands of dollars.

• ( Q ) Quick Mortgage FAQs

( A ) There are many things to consider about mortgages. Here is a brief question and answer on Mortgages that should answer some questions that your quick questions you might have. For more in depth answers review below.

• ( Q ) What is an ARM anyway?

( A ) You heard about them, but what are they? Now that you are in the market to buy a home, we will take you through the benefits and the drawbacks of the Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Is it right for your family?

• ( Q ) What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

( A ) The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a law passed by Congress designed to help promote accuracy and ensure the privacy of the information used in consumer reports. It is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission.

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